Cyber Security

We offer services Absolutely NO other Hacker for Hire Company in the world can deliver at standard rates. Our Hackers for Hire are a complete team of Professional Certified Ethical Hackers. Hack a hacker by hiring hackers. Our professional hacker for hire services offer years of experience dealing with everything from stolen passwords to corporate espionage.

  • DDOS Attacks
  • Ransomeware
  • Phishing Campaigns

Private Investigation

Private investigation for personal, legal or business purposes. This can include tracing missing people, conducting credit checks, vetting potential employees, and investigating insurance claims.


If you were scammed by an unknown identity on the internet, we will help you track your scammer and recover your funds which was lost, if you have been a victim of any sort of dating scam or any elaborate internet scam regardless of what was lost, we will be able to track down and recover your lost funds

BaNk acccount hacks

High level bank hacking services are provided by Xidoa Corp, if you have potential targets with enough funds in certain bank accounts we will be able to execute a proper attack and get funds out. All funds obtained are shared based on pre-agreed terms

  • Bank account hacks
  • Increase Credit Score

Lost password to accounts (wallets)

We assist clients who have lost access to important accounts or wallets which contain digital currency, we will also be able to help recover such lost accounts


If you have any kinds of criminal records of any sort, you can clear it completely from the systems and even background checks will come up Clean, regardless of what the crime is we can clear your criminal records. 

Clearing Huge debts

We also assist clients who are in huge debts and have no way to clear them , HUGE debts can be cleared with significantly smaller funds than the debt itself

Social Network hack

Gain access to personal space and information of people

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Hack Emails
  • Clone WhatsApp

Educational Institution hack: Change of grade

Sometimes it might seem like you put in so much effort and your school results don’t even come close to the work you put in, if you would rather go with a faster method, you can get your grades changed and get good results regardless of whatever you put down, our team will change your grades without breaking any security protocols on the systems of the institution.