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Cyber Security

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Security Audits

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Cyber Security

Our cybersecurity analysts help prevent attacks through their expertise and knowledge of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption. … Cybersecurity analysts may also regulate access to computer files, develop firewalls, perform risk assessments and test data processing systems to verify security measures.

Private Investigation

The field of private investigations is highly respected, evolving significantly over the years to include specialized work in computer forensics and corporate fraud investigations in addition to mainstays like missing persons and marital infidelity cases.

Security audits

A computer security audit is a manual or systematic measurable technical assessment of a system or application. Manual assessments include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analyzing physical access to the systems.assessments and test data processing systems to verify security measures.

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Xidoa corporation helped me to take down a website that took money from me and didn't perform the services i paid for.  Pretty wicked i know, Once you pay they carry out pretty much anything you asked for.


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Sometime last year , i was unfortunate to meet with a pretend bank representative who conned me of $12,000. Contacted Xidoa Corporation, spoke with the CEO and after about a month the money was returned to me. Thanks Xidoa.